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Anne was born in 1947 in Hilversum, the Netherlands. She was the daughter of a Dutch father and an English mother, who met each other during WWII in England.
Right from her early childhood she was interested in the (difficult) things of life. Her parents experienced difficult years and so she did.
From an early time she started to find out how life stacked together, because she ‘knew’ there had to be a better way of living.

First she was trained as a nurse, and she also worked in several psychiatric clinics. There she noticed that  patients did not get any treatment on their feelings; on the contrary, many of them got medicines that ‘calmed’ them down, they got electro-shocks and sleeping cures. There was little personal and emotional contact, not many people got better or cured. Now of course we talk about 1966!

In 1974 she met Dr. Simon Speyer (1922-2002), who developed Speyertherapy and wrote the famous book ‘Shut up, I love you’. By that time she suffered from heavy depressions, coming from her childhood. She first underwent Speyer’s therapy, got cured and became his student.
So she became a therapist; right from the beginning she experienced his form of therapy as a big gain;
first to herself and later to many other people. In contrast  with what  she saw earlier in the psychiatric clinics, this therapy form was helpful, warm, safe, to the point and very private.

Through the decades she has been busy with developing and refining Speyer’s therapy - which she finally called 'Directed Emotion Therapy' - into an exceptionally fast, effective and at the same time gentle and loving therapeutic method in which emotion, the heart of the human being, is the focal point. The method is also used in an energetic and spiritual way.

During the years she worked with many hundreds of clients in her practice. People with whom she shared and to whom she transmitted all she had learned from Dr. Simon Speyer and all she learned through her own growth and rich experience. It is her life's work, that she has opened up to a broader audience in this book.
In 2004 the first edition of her Dutch book ‘de Verandering’ came out, in 2007 the first edition of ‘The Change’, to benefit the people who speak English.

'The Change' is interesting for anyone who has problems and / or is looking for personal growth and development. 

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Anne Veldmans "The Change"

In a simple and easy to understand way, this book explains how the ‘Law of Programming’ works for everyone. It shows you how to discover your patterns and break through them.

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