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Therapy in the Antenatal Period

The Influence of the Antenatal Period and Your Birth
Birth is the first step you take in your life. It is the first real move you make. Some programming can also be found in the process of birth, although neither mother nor child really has a big influence on the process.
Yet, often you will take the steps in life in much the same way as you took your first step, literally and figuratively.
Programming In The Womb
The then – and - now connection is also found in the problems that can arise during the antenatal period and /or the delivery. In the antenatal period a link is formed between how it should be (feeling protected, safe, warm, having no worries, quiet, you are not expected to do anything) and the way your mother feels (this can be nervous, tensed, unwanted, oversensitivity, scared, overwhelmed, choking, too tight, too hot, limited, sad, down, dull, painful, etcetera).
This link is automatically carried into every later situation in which you can get stuck: a marriage, a problem, a school class (look at some kids’ behaviour), the army, work, study, an elevator, a tunnel, your house and even your bed. Initially every new situation seems to be fine. However, slowly the old undigested patterns catch up with you. Your relationship, your job, your club, your neighbourhood, but also a problem you are stuck with, changes into a critical, seemingly insoluble situation, in the same way you experienced it earlier in your mothers’ womb.
The way it was in the womb ('then' ), is the way it will be 'now' in your present situation, literally or figuratively.
At every new situation in your life the antenatal story will repeat itself, because the joining of protection, safety, warmth etcetera stick to several kinds of stress. So if you want to feel safe, warm and protected, you also need to feel anxious, stuck and scared.
For example:
  1. Although it is safe and warm in your mother’s womb, you can feel she is afraid and sad.
  2. Fear and sadness are unpleasant feelings.
  3. You cannot change these feelings, when you should leave your mothers’ womb you would die. You are completely dependent on her.
  4. You have to tolerate this, there is no other way.
  5. You feel very tensed, you have a lot of adrenaline in your little body.
  6. You feel angry and uneasy. You turn around and around and you are kicking a lot. You sleep little and you don’t not grow well.
  7. Whatever you do, the problem does not solve.
In later life this can be translated like:
  1. Your relationship with your partner is safe and warm. But you also feel scared and sad (about your partner, yourself or both).
  2. These are unpleasant feelings you would like to get rid of.
  3. You cannot change them however, you cannot break up the relationship because you would die (psychologically). You are completely dependant.
  4. You have to tolerate these horrible feelings, you have no alternative.
  5. You are very tensed, you have a lot of adrenaline in your body.
  6. You feel angry and uneasy. You are unbalanced and you are ‘kicking’ around. You argue, you don't sleep well and you don’t flourish.
  7. Whatever you do, the problem does not solve.
Literally and / or Figuratively The Same As in The Womb
The way you react on your present problems and associate with them, appears to be identical to the way you reacted on your experiences in your mothers’ womb:
  • you belittle yourself
  • you crawl away
  • you are contrary
  • you resist
  • you are kicking around
  • you push and wriggle
  • you feel powerless
  • you give up
  • you are 'stuck'
  • you are in the wrong place
  • you cannot go anywhere
  • you are angry
  • you are scared
  • you panic
  • you have to much consideration
  • you feel unwanted
  • you push away
  • etcetera
What you experienced in your mothers womb comes back in later life, sometimes literally, sometimes figurative. I ran across this in my own situation an also in the lives of the many hundreds of people I worked with in my practice.
When you learned in your antenatal period that warmth, security, and safety, are synonymous to feel choked, closed up, hemmed in and anxious – followed by the (subconscious) feeling 'I want to get out of this!' - in later life you pretty soon can have the feeling you want to run away when you are in difficult situations.

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