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Chapter I
What Do You Want to Change?

  • Being Aware of Patterns
  • The Principles of Directed Emotion Therapy (DET)
  • Personal Experience
  • Changing Insight and Experience
  • What Can This Book Do for You?

Chapter II
The Law of Programming

  • Not Doing What Is Good for You
  • The Relationship Between Then and Now
  • Negative Convictions
  • You Attract What You Are and What You Radiate
  • I Told You So-ism
  • Expression Is Important

Chapter III
The Influence of the Antenatal Period

  • Programming in the Womb
  • ‘Have To’ Or ‘Want To’
  • Unity with Your Mother
  • Birth
  • Separation from Your Mother 

Chapter IV
Uncover Your Own Patterns in Relationships

Practical Cases

Chapter I
Directed Emotion Therapy Put into Practice

  • About Our Consciousness
  • About the Practical Cases
  • Personal Responsibility

Chapter II
Fear and Insecurity

  • Joan - Very Certain or By Contrast Very Uncertain
  • Rose – Panics Quickly 

Chapter III
Problems in Relationships

  • Mary - the On-Again, Off-Again Relationship
  • Jeanine - The Victim Role 

Chapter IV

  • Peter - The Butler
  • Bernard - Fear of Making Mistakes
  • Michal - Unable To Be on Her Own
  • David - Overreacting
  • Ben - Lots of Stress 

Chapter V
Hating to ‘Have to’

  • Rodney - Hates Obligations 

Chapter VI
Conflicts of Authority

  • Arthur - the Underdog
  • Conrad - Quarrelsome 

Chapter VII

  • Chas - Depressed Moods
  • Cathy - It Is All My Fault
  • Erica - I Am Not Good Enough
  • Annie - a 'Pleaser'
  • Bob - Never Satisfied

Chapter VIII
I Do What Someone Else Wants …

  • Flora - Feeling Inferior
  • Mary Ann - Silenced

Chapter IX
Directed Emotion Therapy for Children

  • Peter - Afraid to Go to Sleep
  • Nell - Cannot Be without Mummy
  • Dylan - Does Not Want Anything
  • Barry - Being Contrary 

Part III
What You Can Do Yourself

  • Chapter I  Healthy Living
  • The Relationship between Body and Mind
  • Rules for Living a Healthy Life
  • Healthy Nutrition 

Chapter II
Keeping Your Relationships Healthy

  • Differences between Men and Women
  • The Relationship with (Your) Children

Chapter III
Other Practical Advise

  • Getting Rid of a Bad Feeling Quickly
  • The Difference between ‘Have to’ and ‘Can’
  • Training Your Sensory Perception
  • When You Are Angry with Someone 

Chapter IV
Directed Emotion Therapy

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Anne Veldmans "The Change"

In a simple and easy to understand way, this book explains how the ‘Law of Programming’ works for everyone. It shows you how to discover your patterns and break through them.

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