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Expression Is Important
No parent can raise his children without making any mistakes. I do not actually like the word ‘mistake’ very much; every parent will try to act to the best of his knowledge.
For you as a child it is important that you are allowed to show and express your feeling; that you can say what you like without being sanctioned by your parents or anyone else.
When you are an introverted child by nature, you are more likely to bottle up your emotions than when you are an extrovert chattering child, and some have more possibilities for expression than others.
When you, as a deprived, unloved child could have dared to protest against your parents, you would have become far less distressed (or totally not at all).
Input ~ Output
When the input - your experience of your parents' negative behaviour – you got would have been about equal to your output - the expression of your displeasure - you would not (or hardly not) have ended up with any problems.
So: if the input cannot be parried with a proportional amount of output, in your later life you can get into trouble. Therefore the measure of your (future) problem depends on to what extent you 'did not protest' or 'did not cry' - somewhere between 0 and 100 percent.
The higher this percentage, the more fixed problems you will run into and the more you will be feeling mixed up. At a low percentage the problems in your later life may not be so big. You know those odd quirks and habits of your loved ones or colleagues. You can learn to live with those.

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